The VLE is dead, or is the announcement of its demise a little premature?

<![CDATA[A few days ago I posted to Pedagogical Impacts to try to get some ideas on specifying a VLE purely on the grounds of pedagogical considerations (i.e not technical, admin, managerial, etc.). And I got some really useful feedback.

One intriguing comment from Graham Attwell was that “Long term I am convinced the VLE is dead but short term it looks a neat solution for college managers”. I have heard this before, or at least I think it has been hinted at. Derek Morrison at Bristol, for instance, seems to imply as much I think in some of his posts on Auricle

If this is so, what do we see as replacing the VLE? I assume we would need most of the functionality VLEs offer. If the VLE is dead in terms of being the best way to get that functionality, what takes its place – a number of different loosely, if at all, integrated OS ‘modules’? What is the vision emerging in the e-learning community post VLE?]]>

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